Active Teacher Selection for Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback

Rachel Freedman, Justin Svegliato, Kyle Wray, Stuart Russell
arXiv preprint

Open Problems and Fundamental Limitations of Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback

Stephen Casper, Xander Davies, Claudia Shi, Thomas Krendl Gilbert, Jérémy Scheurer, Javier Rando, Rachel Freedman, Tomasz Korbak, David Lindner, Pedro Freire, Tony Wang, Samuel Marks, Charbel-Raphaël Segerie, Micah Carroll, Andi Peng, Phillip Christoffersen, Mehul Damani, Stewart Slocum, Usman Anwar, Anand Siththaranjan, Max Nadeau, Eric J. Michaud, Jacob Pfau, Dmitrii Krasheninnikov, Xin Chen, Lauro Langosco, Peter Hase, Erdem Bıyık, Anca Dragan, David Krueger, Dorsa Sadigh, Dylan Hadfield-Menell
arXiv preprint

Active Reward Learning from Multiple Teachers

Peter Barnett, Rachel Freedman, Justin Svegliato, Stuart Russell
Best Paper Award Finalist at SafeAI 2023
SafeAI Workshop (at AAAI 2022)

The Expertise Problem: Learning from Specialized Feedback

Oliver Daniels-Koch, Rachel Freedman
AI Risk Analysis Award at ML Safety 2022
ML Safety Workshop (at NeurIPS 2022)

Choice Set Misspecification in Reward Inference

Rachel Freedman, Rohin Shah, Anca Dragan
Best Paper Award at AISafety 2020
AISafety Workshop (at IJCAI-PRICAI 2020)

Benefits of Assistance over Reward Learning

Rohin Shah, Pedro Freire, Neel Alex, Rachel Freedman, Dmitrii Krasheninnikov, Lawrence Chan, Michael Dennis, Pieter Abbeel, Anca Dragan and Stuart Russell
Best Paper Award at CoopAI 2020
Cooperative AI Workshop (at NeurIPS 2020)

Adapting a Kidney Exchange Algorithm to Align with Human Values

Rachel Freedman, Jana Schaich Borg, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, John Dickerson, and Vincent Conitzer
Outstanding Student Paper Honorable Mention at AAAI-18
Artificial Intelligence Journal (AIJ 2020); AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2018); Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Society (AIES 2018); Participatory Machine Learning Workshop (at ICML 2020); Workshop on Mechanism Design for Social Good (MD4SG 2018)
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